Business exits and sales

Aurik works with entrepreneurs to build their businesses into an Asset of Value. One of the key features of an asset of value is that of a day, should the entrepreneur choose to, it can be sold for a premium price. We’ve worked with entrepreneurs who found themselves with the following challenges:

Finding the right buyer at the right price

After nearly 20 years in the business, the owner wanted to sell. He knew he had a good business but there were limited offers and any offer that he received was far lower than he wanted.

He recognised his business had not been built to sell.

Working with Aurik, he was able to build his business into an Asset of Value. He worked on implementing systems of delivery across all areas of the business and ensured that he positioned his customer offering to differentiate it from his competitors. By doing this he made sure that his business was driven by commercial systems and not by him.

In a short couple of years, he had his pick of buyers at a price that secured his future.

Time is running out

This business owner started his business in his late 50s with a view to selling it for a decent price when he no longer could work. With his energy waning, the valuation of the business was disappointing and he faced being one of the 94,6% of businesses started but never sold.

He had limited time but working with Aurik he was able to build his business into an Asset of Value in only 24 months. Regular meetings provided him with the insight and momentum he required to identify a clear vision and implement a strategy to achieve it. Focussing on systems and structure within the business, he was able to extract himself from the day to day activities and drive the business instead of it driving him.

The extra time he had revived his energy. He chose not to sell immediately after the 2 years but knew that when the time came he would be able to sell at a premium price.