Chaos, Exhaustion & Inspiration

Entrepreneurs work harder than almost anyone else but often get to a point when they battle to see the way forward. They may know what they need to do but the road is lonely, overwhelming and at times, daunting. Aurik understands this and has assisted business owners who find themselves with the following problems:

Wood for the trees

Matthew started his successful business 17 years ago but recently he realised his business was stagnating and so was he! He tried a few new ideas to no avail – he was just too close to the business and couldn’t see the wood for the trees. He was exhausted.

Aurik worked with Matthew to change his business. Focussing on systems and structure within the business, he was able to drive the business instead of it driving him. His biggest gain was time to think and time to play.


Even with a CA qualification and 16 years of business experience this business owner could not work out the next steps. Family friends had become tired of talking to him about it. Stagnant growth brought him to Aurik.

During the process, he realised he didn’t have to do this alone and in fact no-one ever does. In Aurik he found an aligned partner who cared as much as he does. Regular meetings provided him with the insight and sounding board he required to identify a clear vision and implement a strategy to achieve it.

Building a job not an Asset of Value

Every month Sam managed his cash flow to pay suppliers and staff. He paid himself last. When he was not present, the business didn’t function efficiently. When he heard on the radio that entrepreneurs must build their businesses into Assets of Value – he realised that as this was the only source of income for him, he needed to do something differently. What would happen to his income when he could no longer work in the business?

Working with Aurik he was able to implement systems of delivery in his business, position it in a way that differentiated it from others and make it more attractive to buyers. By extracting himself from the day to day operations he has been able to innovate and increased profitability. He isn’t ready to sell yet, but when he is, he knows his future earnings are secure.

Two steps forward, One step back

As she secured the deals that were meant to take her business to the next level, this business owner was pulled back into the administration. In four years, her business had remained at an $4m annual turnover level. She wanted to play a more strategic role in the business to move the business forward, but her efforts were fruitless.

Working with Aurik showed her that implementing systems across the different areas of the business were the only way for her to make progress. Systems of delivery that were measurable and teachable enabled her to comfortably employ people to run those systems. She was able to spend far less time putting out fires every day and was able to be strategic. This gave her the trajectory she had been looking for and has broken the $6m level.