People problems

Staff and people are often the most quoted “headaches” of entrepreneurs. Aurik works with business owners to build their businesses in a way that revenue is generated as a result of systems and not individuals and where the right people with clear roles and responsibilities are employed. Some of the people challenges we’ve dealt with include:

Holding onto good staff

Despite Joseph’s huge investment in people, he was battling to retain good staff. Constant growth always left him in a position of employing people to assist with his most immediate burdens. One of the people that left complained that they had no support and limited training.

Working with Aurik, he was able to change how he employed people. Instead of simply employing sales people and telling them to get on with the job, he systemised the sales experience in a teachable, measurable way so that he could employ people to operate the system of selling and reward them accordingly. High staff turnover is a thing of the past.

Getting the right people to do the right thing

“If you want something done properly, do it yourself” was the mantra of this business owner – for over a decade. Turnover hadn’t increased and she was constantly hectic.

Working with Aurik, and clearly systemising the processes across the business in a measurable, teachable way, she felt comfortable to step away and build a build a bigger and better business.