Starting out

The way an entrepreneur runs their business at the outset is not always appropriate for growth and profitability. Working with Aurik in a practical, goal-oriented manner allows businesses to get out of survival mode and move forward to the next stage of the growth curve. Some of our entrepreneurs faced the following challenges.

Driven by passion

It was his passion that made him start his business. 17 months down the line, sales were thin and he was struggling to survive. Everywhere he saw opportunity and with his 6 staff members, they tried to take advantage of it wherever possible, but to no avail.

Working with Aurik, Mel was able to clearly segment his customers, understand their value propositions and who is most valuable customers are and create a clear route to market and reach them. Today Mel is thriving.

My product is unique

This entrepreneur quickly realised that a unique product does not make a business happen. His product was far superior to his competitors but he was unable to out-compete them.

Working with Aurik, he discovered that it was not about the product but identifying the customer segment he served and creating a clear promotional strategy to reach and service them. Today he is out-competing his competitors.