Strategy & Growth & Profitability

All entrepreneurs reach a point where they need assistance whether they own a small or very big business. Aurik works with entrepreneurial business owners to accelerate growth and improve profitability with the sole purpose of growing your business into an Asset of Value. Some of the challenges we’ve dealt with included:

Trying to be everything to everybody

For 16 years, Andrew sold anything to anyone in at least four regional territories. But profits remained low and frustration at the huge effort for little reward grew.

Working with Aurik, he was able to see that less is more. He clearly identified his customer segments, identified the top 3, and with a deeper understanding of who they were and what they needed was able to create a clear promotional strategy more manageably and more profitably. In simplifying his business, profitability grew and new sales growth no longer led to chaos.

Where price is everything

Discounting had always worked for Vish to kick-start sales and generate cash flow. But while sales were high, profits were very low.

Vish worked with Aurik to discover who his customer was and what they wanted. By putting systems in place to enhance the customer experience he didn’t have to offer the lowest price. Margins improved by over 5% as he became a value player in his market.