Growing without chaos

Growth, without supporting systems to facilitate that growth, often leads to an increase in chaos. Many business owners come to us, completely exhausted from trying to deal with that chaos every day. We have been able to help hundreds of businesses by implementing structure and order: 


Each month was tight. Lumpy revenue meant that Jacob could only just make the monthly payments needed to keep the business afloat. It was exhausting and he felt trapped in a vicious cycle. 

Working with Aurik, a customer-focussed strategy supported by strong systems was identified and implemented. This meant that the constant up-and-downs associated with projects were avoided and replaced with more consistent revenues. Finally, Jacob was able to move to the next level. 


For 16 years, Aubrey sold anything to anyone in at least four regional territories. But profits remained low and frustration grew at the huge effort for little reward. 

Working with Aurik, he clearly defined his customer segments, identified the top 3, and with a deeper understanding of who they were and what they needed was able to create a clear promotional strategy. In simplifying his business, profitability grew, and new sales growth no longer led to chaos. 


Several prospective funders loved what Nancy did and praised her passion for the business. But they never committed the growth funding she needed when she was hit by a business issue. 

Working with Aurik, she was able to shine light on her business and strengthen its foundation for sustainability and growth. This together with the work done on financial reporting systems provided Nancy with an invaluable tool to support her fundraising activities.